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Developers Wooed With Windows 8 'BUILD' Conference

Microsoft has been loud and proud on its soapbox all week over Windows 8. Its recent revelations have culminated in the announcement of its developer-oriented BUILD event scheduled for this September.

It is not clear whether this is the new name for PDC or a rebranding of another mooted name, WDC ("Windows Developer Conference"). Either way BUILD will be staged on September 13-16, 2011 in Anaheim, CA and registration is already open.

Microsoft watcher Paul Thurrott suggests that BUILD will bring novice and guru developers together to get the industry's first "deep dive" on the next version of Windows.

"Attendees can expect to see new capabilities for Windows Azure, Microsoft's tools emphasis for HTML5 support, new development opportunities on Windows Phone, and our commitment to interoperable environments," says Microsoft.

The company's promotional materials claim that BUILD is a call to action for the "more than one hundred million developers" driving build experiences with the next version of Windows.

Microsoft senior VP developer division Soma Somasegar used his own blog to say that, "Today, everyone can be a developer; the most tech-savvy generation we've ever seen is fueling demand for new tools and technologies. Many of the developers building web sites and apps that make an impact have no formal education in computer science or engineering. BUILD will be a gateway to new opportunity for all developers."

"The professional developer community continues to be a vital part of the Microsoft ecosystem. We value the longstanding and deep relationship with this group and will continue to engage with this important audience in a way that best meets its needs. For these developers, BUILD connects Microsoft's past to Microsoft's future," he added.

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