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Developing Microsoft Office "Inspired" Touch Apps

Hybrid user interface toolsets company Infragistics has launched its Ultimate 14.2 product to build Microsoft Office "inspired" touch-enabled business apps.

Developer tools SVP Jason Beres says that his firm's interactive prototyping tool Indigo Studio can generate standards-based HTML5 and JavaScript with Ignite UI controls, which can be further refined by the firm's WYSIWYG Page Designer for the web.

"If you are building rich client Windows Forms or XAML apps, use one of our best-practices pre-built Office-inspired templates to kick-start your next project. Our goal is to minimize the start-up for your great app with 14.2," said Beres.

Highlights of Ultimate 14.2's new features include a WYSIWYG web-based Page Designer to build line-of-business modern web apps with Infragistics HTML5/jQuery controls. New data visualization and charting controls for Windows Forms enterprise application development. Infragistics Xamarin.Forms, which allows developers to use native iOS, Android, and Windows Phone controls with Xamarin in Visual Studio to build native apps with C# and XAML.

The firm's marketing machine asserts that its solutions have been tested in mission-critical applications in some of the world's largest companies, including Boeing, ESPN, Exxon, Intel, Intuit, and Bank of America.

But arguably even more importantly, Infragistics has received numerous industry awards, including a 2013 JOLT Award from Dr. Dobb's, and analyst firm IDC recognized the company as holding the largest market share among component vendors.

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