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Dobbs Challenge: Off To A Flying Start!

March 24, 2008

Well, we’re a little over a week into The Dobbs Challenge and there’s already been a lot of activity on the forums, with a lots of questions about how to participate and lots of progress on people’s mods!

Most important so far is to make sure everyone is aware that we’re happy for teams to enter the competition (as long as one person is in charge of submission) and to make sure no one forgets that there are now only three weeks left before the end of The Dobbs First Month Challenge ($1,000!) -- so make sure to get cracking before April 14th!

Perhaps the most visually exciting thing to happen on the forums this week is Jason M’s sterling work in getting Dr Dobbs to fly in the Windows version.

(We similarly appreciate Jason’s work recording it and putting it up on YouTube, too. We finally have some footage of the game!)

You can also download an amazing new Windows version produced by Georg Rottensteiner, which features a full level editor! Check out his post in the forums.

We also had a few question on participation, which we’re happy to reiterate here:

1. Can I use proprietary or 3rd party libraries?

Third party libraries that are GPL or redistributable are completely acceptable. Please note what you've used on submission of your game.

2. Do we need to submit full source code on submission of our game?

Please include your full source code and an executable version of your game on submission.

3. Can teams enter, or is it for solo participants only?

It's fine to work in teams with multiple coders, artists, and even designers and audio creators, as long as one person enters on behalf of everyone.

4. Is the One Button category only for games using one button?

The One Button category is intended for accessible games which use one fom of input only. This would be expected to be a single button, but forms of input such as mouse movement are acceptable if not too complex.

Finally, don’t forget we’re also offering a full set of GameSetApparel T-shirts to the first person to code a working networked high-score table for the game.

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