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First Windows Phone 7 OS Update Released

Microsoft is releasing its first major software update of the Windows Phone 7 operating system since its launch in October 2010. This launch was delayed several weeks due to what are described as "technical problems" arising from a minor update issue. Reports suggest that this issue lead to Microsoft withdrawing its mobile OS from Samsung devices for a period of time.

Developer interest in Windows Phone 7 is considered to be positive in comparison with Microsoft's previous Windows Mobile operating system offerings. Described by several sources as a "lame duck OS" right up to Windows Mobile 6.5, Windows Phone 7 is largely regarded to be a positive step forward for the company, which is fervently playing catch-up to the likes of Android and Apple's iOS.

Reporting on the UK's Computer Weekly, tech writer Jenny Williams says that the update includes copy-and-paste features as well as improved Marketplace search. She also reports that Microsoft says that it will be made available in several batches, to ensure the process is as problem-free as possible.

In a blog post, general manager of customer experience engineering at Microsoft, Eric Hautala, says the update will be available for "open market" Windows Phones (that is, devices without a specific mobile operator), before being rolled out to all users.

"In the next phase of the rollout process, we'll start making the update available to a broader range of customers. When the update is available for your phone, you'll get a message on the device letting you know," wrote Eric Hautala.

"Much like when you buy a PC online, you'll be able to see when the update is being tested and packaged, when it's about to ship, and when it has left the warehouse. We'll update the site once a week with the latest status changes," he added.

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