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IBM: A Simplified Web Presence Builds 'Stickier' Sites

IBM's latest software release is designed to help organizations reinvent the way they interact with consumers over the web and through mobile devices. The IBM Customer Experience Suite features analytics, social software and ecommerce capabilities designed to help organizations create dynamic web experiences and 'stickier' websites.

ABI Research estimates there will be 20 times more data and 40 times more mobile transactions across the planet by 2015. IBM says that in the face of this data, companies recognize the need to provide a more simplified web presence and that its new software portfolio will help web developers to create a dynamic web that is navigable, interactive and personalized at the same time.

IBM's new offering features web content management tools as well as features aligned to portals, mashups and mobile web services. The suite's CRM-style behavioral analysis software is said to allows developers to create highly customized interactions by analyzing and then adapting to the preferences, behaviors and buying patterns of users as well as the device, user location and sentiments of each visitor.

"Collaboration and social software have the power to transform an organization's web presence reinventing how they relate to their customers on the web," says IBM's Alistair Rennie. "We are aligning the breadth of IBM capabilities to help our customers embrace the web as their primary channel for customer engagement."

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