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Infor Releases Microsoft SharePoint GUI for ERP Apps

Business application software vendor Infor has announced Infor Workspace, a new consumer grade user interface, which the company hopes will refresh the experience of doing business using enterprise applications. Built on Microsoft SharePoint, this new offering blends a common user interface, in-context collaboration, and business intelligence. Fusing industry processes, analytics, and enterprise applications, Infor Workspace aims to provide single sign-on, common look-and-feel, and seamless navigation across multiple applications deployed either on-premise or in the cloud.

This new product release is intended to provide real-time in-context business intelligence and (according to Infor) is the first tool that allows applications to coexist and bring in outside information including KPIs, dynamic alerts, and other tools targeting key functions within the application for the user. Because the tools are context aware, they will automatically anticipate and adapt to user needs and interests based on the users' role and the business function they are performing at a given moment.

"While there have been consistent interface advancements since business applications were first introduced, Infor Workspace is a new approach. It's a step function advancement, designed to revolutionize the way users work with software and each other," said Soma Somasundaram, senior VP of product development, Infor. "Infor Workspace melds business and social tools together, making it as easy to interact with coworkers around the world as it is to use the application itself. We call it socializing the enterprise and believe this kind of new user experience will not only result in dramatically improved employee satisfaction, it will also produce clear, measureable improvements in productivity, performance, and return on investment."

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