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Infragistics Serves Up NetAdvantage for SharePoint

Windows focused presentation layer technology company Infragistics has this week released NetAdvantage for SharePoint 2011 Volume 1, a set of SharePoint Web Parts for building business user dashboards to visualize Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and actionable metrics.

Aiming to encompass requirements from business users who need a quick (but comprehensive) dashboard view or those who need to create richer, more detailed data visualizations, Infragistics says that its latest product release is easily configurable for both use cases, and that NetAdvantage for SharePoint delivers an "exceptional user experience" that empowers SharePoint users to take action.

"NetAdvantage for SharePoint enables business professionals to turn SharePoint data into an interactive and inspiring experience," said Dean Guida, CEO of Infragistics. "We've used our deep knowledge of the user experience and user interface tools space to bring to market our XAML data visualization-based Web Parts solution. With its intuitive design, business professionals can bring lines of data to life in a manner that is easily communicated and quickly understood."

Guida goes on to suggest that his company's user experience design team focused on configuring and binding to data with Infragistics' own Charts, Maps, and Gauges for end users to develop dashboards in minutes. This design focus, in theory, empowers business users and helps IT and development organizations eliminate project backlog.

With this release of NetAdvantage for SharePoint, Infragistics introduces the Map Web Part. This has been included to enable SharePoint users to map anything and everything in an eye-catching fashion. The Map Web Part is said to be suited to professionals who want to display data at multiple levels such as at a street, city, state, country, or any geographic coordinate for a visual experience that viewers can quickly interpret and take action.

With the Data Chart and Gauge Web Parts, Infragistics says that users can extract meaning from numbers and present clear renditions of important key performance indicators and high-end business intelligence. Chart types like the Step Area Data Chart visually depict changing values over time and can be overlaid with other chart types, such as the Spline "curve" chart to improve user-to-data interactions and increase business productivity.

According to Infragistics, "Departments can increase staff interaction and knowledge about the latest webinars, product demonstrations, and customer deployments with the visual content Content Rotator Web Part. Users can point to content from more than one library, create a video 'playlist' and include common animations like 'fade' or 'slide-left'. Playback controls and end-user navigation enhance the overall experience."

Rounding out the NetAdvantage for SharePoint offering is the Version Timeline Web Part that translates document version history in a Document Library into a visual horizontal timeline for easy identification of the document review process.

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