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Installing Intel Parallel Advisor Lite on Windows 7

Many Windows developers stayed in Windows XP instead of upgrading their developer workstations to Windows Vista. Windows Vista introduced some compatibility problems when installing certain applications. Now, Windows 7 is round the corner and many developer workstations are going to move to this new Windows version. Windows 7 has many improvements over Vista. Nonetheless, it is an improved Windows Vista. Therefore, you can face some incompatibilities whilst trying to install the necessary software for a professional development environment.

I'm working with Windows 7 RTM and I wanted to install Intel Parallel Advisor Lite. Its latest version is a Windows Installer Package (.MSI), Advisor_Lite_update1_win.msi. The package has to be installed with Administrator rights. Therefore, if you just double click on the file, the installation is not going to work as expected.

As Windows 7 hasn't been released yet, Intel Parallel Advisor Lite doesn't offer official support for this operating system. However, I'm already working with Windows 7 and I wanted to optimize some code for multicore microprocessors taking advantage of the new performance improvements offered by the new Windows 7 kernel.

There is a very simple way to successfully install Intel Parallel Advisor Lite on Windows 7. Besides, the same steps work with Windows Vista:

  1. Run a Command Prompt as Administrator: Start Menu, All Programs, Accesories. Right-click on "Command Prompt" and select "Run as administrator" from the context menu that appears, as shown in the following picture:

  2. A command-line (terminal) Window will appear displaying the title "Administrator: Command Prompt". Go to the folder where you downloaded the Advisor_Lite_update1_win.msi file. Remember that you have to use the CD command. For example, if the file is in C:\downloads, you just have to type:

    CD C:\downloads

    Important note: As a developer, you should know the CD command. However, I wanted to keep things as simple as possible for those who don't use command-line commands in Windows.

  3. Run msiexec with the /i option and the Windows Installer Package (.MSI) as a parameter:

    msiexec /i Advisor_Lite_update1_win.msi

The installation will start because you're running the Advisor_Lite_update1_win.msi package as an Administrator. You'll be able to enjoy Intel Parallel Advisor Lite. Follow the advice and tackle the multicore revolution!

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