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Israeli .NET Open Source Innovation

July 08, 2008

The .NET community is generally criticized (and rightfully in many cases) that it lacks innovation, with a lot of developers relying either on Microsoft or porting Java stuff* (Junit - > Nunit, log4j -> log4net, Hibernate -> NHibernate, Spring -> - you get the picture...).  Amidst all this, it is nice to see, that a lot of .NET original ideas are generated here in Israel**.Few examples that come to mind are

The reason for this post is a new open source project coming from here. This one is from Sasha Goldshtein and Alon Fliess and it is a Non Paged CLR host which offers
"This custom CLR host ensures that all memory given out to the CLR is locked into physical memory if possible, thus eliminating paging completely."
Which can be very useful in performance intensive applications. Cool :)

* This is not to say that sometimes, the port is better than the original (NUnit 2.0 is a prime example for that in my opinion)
**Naturally there's also original stuff happening outside of israel :) e.g. Ninject by Nate Kohari or StoryTeller by Jeremy D. Miller

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