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Jolt Awards for Books: The Rest of the Best

Arduino Cookbook

Interest in Arduino has vastly expanded in the last few years, especially among tech hobbyists, tinkerers, and digital artist domains. Arduino Cookbook educates readers about the hardware and the variety of ways the chip and board can be manipulated. Chapters contain tips on applying mathematical operations, using serial communications, capturing and reacting to digital and analog inputs, controlling servos and stepper motor outputs, as well as audiovisual, networking, and wireless examples. If you're past the Arduino introduction stage and want to learn how to do more with this versatile microcontroller, the Arduino Cookbook is a good resource to refer to.

CLR via C#, 3rd Edition

Jeffrey Richter, author of CLR via C#, is a smart and prolific author. In this volume, he takes a deep dive into the finer aspects of the CLR. Topics range from CLR basics (building, packaging, deploying, shared and strongly named assemblies) and type fundamentals (primitives, constants, fields, methods, generics, enums, delegates, etc.) to more-advanced explorations. These include exception handling, state and memory management, assembly loading/reflection, and runtime serialization. The last part of the book is entirely devoted to threading and is a must-read for any .NET developer dealing with the complexities of threads in their projects.

Data Analysis with Open Source Tools

We live in a world swimming in data. Making sense of all this information can be overwhelming without the right tools and analysis techniques. Author Philipp K. Janert shows you how free software tools can be used to apply sophisticated statistical algorithms, mathematical probability models, and data mining to help spot trends, simulate financial scenarios, and acquire relevant business intelligence. Using NumPy, the Gnu Scientific Library (GSL), gnu plot, Pycluster, the R language, and other popular open source tools, Data Analysis with Open Source Tools includes both strategies and specific solutions for dealing with and making sense of large data sets.

Eloquent Ruby

Ruby guru Russ Olsen has written a book for Ruby developers interested in going beyond the usual introductory Ruby titles by exploring more than just the language's syntax and various built-in libraries. While those new to Ruby will find the information they need to get comfortable with the language, Russ goes further with Ruby idioms and spends extra effort on classes, modules, and blocks. Topics such as metaprogramming and the language's use in building Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) also consume a large portion of Eloquent Ruby's pages.

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