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Map Functionality Boost For Win Phone 7 Development

Microsoft .NET components specialist Syncfusion has released its Essential Studio User Interface Edition for Windows Phone 7. The product is designed create map-enriched mobile applications via the use of advanced chart functions and executive dashboards.

Favoring the term "robust" to describe its product's advanced map features, the company says that developers will be able to create maps with zooming and panning functions as well as pop-up windows to display regional information. In addition, maps on Windows Phone 7 devices will be able to represent regional data in geographic shapes.

"Our solution enables developers to get the most out of the Windows Phone 7 platform in a discrete product that is easy to implement and saves developers the overhead of having to code the functionality themselves," said Daniel Jebaraj, vice president, Syncfusion.

Syncfusion Essential Studio User Interface Edition for Windows Phone 7 includes features that enable developers to:

  • Create common and advanced charts: 28 different chart types are supported
  • Build executive dashboards for tracking key performance indicators
  • Increase the depth of user interaction via an editor package that allows text boxes to validate input along with other functions
  • Insert buttons into applications
  • Display maps using industry-standard ESRI shape files
  • Create and distribute maps without external map providers (no fees and faster applications)

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