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Nevron Open Vision for .NET 2014.1 Arrives

Nevron has released Open Vision for .NET 2014.1 for Microsoft-focused software application development professionals. The product is cross-platform "browser-like" framework based on .NET providing a set of widgets and "heavy components" for developers to target multiple operating systems and environments from a single code base.

With the Open Vision for .NET 2014.1, Nevron has focused on its use as a provider of text and document processing components for .NET, so that the NOV Rich Text Editor for .NET has been extended to support a full range of enterprise features such as Spell Checking, Mail Merge, .DOCX format support, barcodes, and styles.

NOV Rich Text Editor has been made available as an end-user application on a newly launched website — Nevron Docs. Nevron Text Editor provides a "complete set" of text processing and text editing features, as well as support for commonly used text formats such as .TXT, .RTF, .DOCX, .HTML,.PDF, and others.

"It is also packed with unique text editing features you will not find even in desktop publishing systems," according to the Nevron Docs website.

Nevron has also now extended the NOV suite with the following new controls — the NOV Barcode for .NET and the NOV Gauge for .NET, with Charts and Diagrams on the production lane and MonoMac and Xamarin.Mac hosts release coming soon.

"NOV is now probably the fastest growing suite of quality UI components that can be found," asserts the company, somewhat confidently.

The PR machine continues with even more bullish bravado, "In light of the uncertain future of the Microsoft UI technologies, Nevron is dedicated to offering .NET developers a brighter and safer .NET UI solution that will help them develop really great software for Windows, Mac, and Silverlight from a single code base. Nevron Software's team is happy to see that more and more .NET developers realize that NOV is now the only reasonable choice for the UI of any .NET project."

Features here include:

  • Spell Check with support for dictionaries in the OpenOffice format
  • Mail Merge
  • Anchor scrolling (i.e., scrolling up, down, left, and right with a pressed mouse wheel)
  • Simplified and improved property editors (borders, fills, paragraphs, etc.)
  • New toolbar buttons for easier creation of tables, styles, etc.
  • Support for additional inline fields
  • Completely redesigned toolbar and menu icons
  • Full support for inserting linear (1D) and matrix (2D) barcodes in text documents (more than 30 barcode types are currently supported)

Rich Text Editor Formats:

  • DOCX import and export

The company's ultimate goal with Nevron Open Vision for .NET 2014.1 to make enterprise development easier and smarter has never been closer.

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