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New Windows Phone 8 Crash Report Service

Mobile App Performance Management (APM) company Crittercism has launched a new crash reporting service for Windows Phone 8, as well as Windows 8 and Surface. This service is intended to give developers a real-time view into app performance on a Windows device to resolve bugs, issues, and errors.

"Developers have the challenge to innovate constantly while keeping apps bug free. Crittercism helps app publishers increase user satisfaction and engagement, by letting developers easily capture quality issues," said JC Cimetiere, director of Windows Phone partner & developer programs at Microsoft.

So this product is basically intended to give programmers a view of the stability, display, and performance issues related to their apps on the new Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 devices.

While these new features can of course be tested, Crittercism asserts that it is difficult for developers to understand how their app will perform once live in production.

"The new Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 operating systems are highly advanced platforms; therefore, it is important for developers to have the right tools in place to manage the wide array of new features and functionality. We look forward to now extending our platform across all operating systems that developers are engaging and developing on," said Andrew Levy, Crittercism cofounder and CEO.

Once the SDK is downloaded and integrated, developers log in to see all bugs identified in their code in real-time. In addition to Crash Reporting, Crittercism also offers other features such as Handled Exceptions, Breadcrumbs, Metadata, and Dynamic Real-Time Alerts.

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