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PureCM Updates Configuration Management Tool

PureCM has announced an update to its change and configuration management toolset. Changes in PureCM 2010-1 includes a range features to support agile application lifecycle management (ALM) which, the company says, will help development teams to improve their productivity, shorten release cycles, and collaborate more effectively.

PureCM 2010-1's agile planning capabilities support working with project releases, iterations and backlogs, linking these to configuration management to ensure that any rescheduling is fully reflected. 2010-1 also automates task tracking, making parallel development easy by matching tasks to releases. This means developers automatically retrieve the right project configurations, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

Another enhancement is support for isolated features. When starting work on a feature, PureCM Professional automatically creates a feature stream and maps the developer workspace against it, avoiding the need for a developer to create a branch manually. Also, PureCM Professional automatically updates features with any changes from their parent version as a default. In the event of an update conflict, the feature owner is automatically notified via his user dashboard so he can resolve the conflict using PureCM's visual resolve tool.

Additional features include multiple performance and ergonomic enhancements for developers. PureCM 2010-1 fully integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio, giving developers the option to work entirely within their IDE. Features such as shelving and unshelving changes, or integrating changes from other branches are now directly available within Visual Studio, helping to boost productivity.

According to Mike Shepherd, Technical Consultant of PureCM, "this latest version builds on the integration features we introduced last year, and includes many new features that allow development teams to adopt agile practices where and when it most suits their needs. PureCM doesn’t dictate the way that developers should work, it simply lets developers and teams get on with their jobs seamlessly and unobtrusively, helping to maximise their productivity."

PureCM 2010-1 is available in two editions: PureCM Standard and PureCM Professional. Both editions include the version control core, and integration with Visual Studio and Eclipse, giving users a lightweight but highly scalable solution. Optimized for more complex and larger projects, PureCM Professional adds agile planning, task tracking and reporting.

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