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Reversible Debugging On ARM and Android Native

Linux and Android reversible debugging specialist Undo Software this month releases UndoDB version 4. The firm's "reversible" tagline comes from its software's ability to record a program's execution and then "wind the tape" back and forth in real-time to get a clear picture of their program's execution to examine bugs.

System design specialist at ARM Hobson Bullman says that Linux and its variants are becoming increasingly important across many of ARM's market segments.

"As devices and systems become more capable, so the software becomes ever more important and complex, placing ever more pressure on software developers in terms of both quality and time-to-market," he said.

Bullman claims that the UndoDB product can make what he is prepared to call a "significant difference" to developers both as a part of DS-5 or standalone from Undo Software.

The above noted ARM DS-5 Development Studio is the reference software development tool suite for ARM processors.

UndoDB is used daily on some of the world's most complex software: from scientific computing (NASA, Lawrence Livermore National Labs), to enterprise (including some of the world's largest banks), and design automation (including the world's largest EDA vendors).

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