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SDK, .NET Controls Released for Communications Enabling Web Pages

Ribbit and Microsoft have announced availability of the Ribbit .NET SDK and Microsoft Silverlight controls for communications-enabling Web pages and applications. The SDK and controls make it possible for Silverlight and .NET developers to integrate voice, messaging, and rich communications functionality directly into Web pages, applications, social networks, online campaigns, or Web-to-mobile interactions -- without any knowledge of telephony or expensive capital outlays.

Although developers can also access the Ribbit Platform through REST HTTP calls, the new Silverlight controls provide a ready-to-use interface for quickly and easily building voice- and messaging-enabled applications. Available for download from Ribbit's Developer Center, Ribbit's Silverlight controls and .NET SDK expose the following features and functionality through the Ribbit Platform:

  • Calling. Users can easily initiate and end phone calls through web applications with Ribbit's controls for Silverlight. Developers have the option of using controls that provide a simple Call button, a full phone dial pad, or a deluxe call manager.
  • Conferencing. A Ribbit-enabled Silverlight application can host conference calls that connect up to 30 people worldwide. Users can initiate conference calls by interacting with the controls, and applications can initiate conference calls in code.
  • Send SMS Messages. Users can easily compose and send SMS messages to one or more recipient phone numbers with the SMS control.
  • Manage Calls. With the Active Call control, users can make and manage multiple calls and conference calls in their Silverlight application. Mute, hold, and transfer features are also available.
  • Review Messages and Call Activity. Users can review their call activity and messages using the Message Log control. Messages with audio content can be played and text messages and audio transcriptions can be read. Messages can also be organized into folders and deleted.

"Ribbit's Silverlight controls allow Silverlight developers to create a whole new class of Voice 2.0 applications using the Ribbit telephony platform -- as well as augment existing applications with the added dimension of voice," noted Joe Hofstader, Senior Architect of the Developer and Platform Evangelism Group in the Communications Sector at Microsoft. "In the past, building such communications-enabled applications required expensive telecommunications equipment and deep domain knowledge."

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