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The Quest For SharePoint Nirvana

is now scheduled for release later this month, with promise of automated deployment of SharePoint Designer workflows, InfoPath forms, custom lists, metadata schemas, web parts, and workflows in SharePoint environments.

Using the Quest Deployment Manager for SharePoint, developers can deploy changes from one SharePoint site to another, or among many SharePoint sites, using the product’s EasyCompare technology. This feature uses visual cues to indicate the difference between any pair of SharePoint environments. In addition, the product tracks change history to help resolve production issues and comply with best practices.

"Quest Deployment Manager for SharePoint provides developers with real automation and control for reliably deploying changes within their SharePoint environment," said Bill Evans of Quest Software. "With Quest Deployment Manager for SharePoint, developers can select which enhancements are deployed and also define when those enhancements are moved from development to testing to production. This automation replaces manual moves and helps reduce the burden on IT staff."

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