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This Week's Developer Reading List

A list of book releases compiled by Dr. Dobb’s to keep you up-to-date on software development tools and techniques.

Test Driven Development for Embedded C
by James W. Grenning
This book shows how to apply TDD to C and the world of embedded software development. Learn how to make code testable and more flexible, and better able to handle the inevitable changes demanded by the market. The tests drive development and then serve as an executable specification, keeping track of the critical details and assumptions baked into the code.

Microsoft Virtualization
by Thomas Olzak, James Sabovik, Jason Boomer, and Robert Keefer
Virtualization technologies help IT organizations with cost-cutting, ease of administration, and the overall effect of IT on the environment. This book covers Microsoft virtualization products completely, including Hyper-V. a special section on securing virtual infrastructure, and hands-on instructions to help understand and implement Microsoft solutions.

Imagine! Java: Programming Concepts in Context
by Frank Carrano
This book presents Java concepts in small, manageable chunks that force readers to focus on one core concept at a time. Carrano uses engaging repetitive examples to reinforce learning before moving on to more complicated concept, giving the reader an opportunity to establish patterns they can use in their own programs and ultimately develop a more intuitive and sustainable understanding of the programming concepts.

The Comet and The Tornado: Reflections on the Legacy of Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture & the Creation of Our Carnegie Mellon Dream Fulfillment Factory
by Don Marinelli
Marinelli and Pausch were colleagues and cofounders of the Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) at Carnegie Mellon. Readers will find inspiration in many of the themes that emerge through the narration of Marinelli's journey and his relationship with Pausch. Some of these themes include: learning to think with both sides of your brain, embracing change, the importance of self-reflection, the importance of a shared vision and working together as a team, and facing our fears of mortality. The book includes a Synthetic Interview with Marinelli. The Synthetic Interview is advanced technology created at the ETC and the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon that allows an individual to have a conversation with a character or persona as if that person were present in real-time.

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