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Visual Studio 2010 Global Launch is Underway!

April 12, 2010

The countdown has begun! The much awaited release of Visual Studio 2010 is around the corner. Visual Studio 2010 marks the next generation of development tools from Microsoft. Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 would be launched globally on April 12, 2010. Microsoft is all set to position Visual Studio 2010 as a development tool that can support Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Azure, SQL Server, Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010.

Visual Studio 2010 would be available in the following editions:

  • Visual Studio 2010 Professional
  • Visual Studio 2010 Premium
  • Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate
  • Visual Studio 2010 Test Professional

All these Visual Studio 2010 editions would be available from April 12th, 2010. You can watch the live webcast of the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Launch Conference and Expo, held at the Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas on April 12th, 2010. Here is the link to the webcast:

With key notes from Scott Guthrie and Bob Muglia, the noted speakers in this event include: Scott Allen, Dino Esposito, Steven Smith, Rick Strahl, Dan Wahlin, Michele Leroux Bustamante and others. You can find the complete list of the speakers for the Visual Studio 2010 launch event here:

The sessions are listed here: Visual Studio 2010 Global Launch events would be held worldwide in many places around the globe. Here is the list of those places where such events would be organized:

The Visual Studio 2010 IDE comes in with a lot of new features and enhancements. These include:

  • Enhanced Support for Multi-targeting
  • Support for Call Hierarchy of methods
  • Support for Parallel Programming and Debugging
  • Support for XSLT Profiling and Debugging
  • Support for Creating SharePoint Applications
  • Support for Quick Search
  • Support for XSD Designer
  • Support for UML Designer
  • Support for better application performance and deployment features

We will explore more on each of these features in future posts. So, why wait? Want to give a try? Well, you can download a copy of Visual Studio 2010 RC from this link:

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