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Windows 7 Application Readiness Solution

Flexera Software has announced it will be demonstrating its comprehensive Windows 7 application readiness solution at Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) 2010 in Las Vegas this week. The solution is unique in its ability to manage the entire Windows 7 application compatibility testing and automated remediation process, driving substantial savings while facilitating error-free application deployments.

Flexera Software’s Windows 7 application readiness solution automates and manages the entire application migration process, including the following steps:

  • Identify—identify deployed and used applications and desktop hardware across the enterprise
  • Rationalize—eliminate duplicate and unused applications to reduce the overall cost of the migration
  • Assess compatibility—know which applications will install and run on the target platform
  • Plan—scope, resource, and plan migration projects in line with business objectives
  • Fix and package—fix compatibility issues and convert applications to required deployment format
  • Deploy—prepare and pass packaged applications to deployment solution.

According to Randy Littleson, senior vice president of marketing at Flexera Software, “Today companies are rapidly migrating to Windows 7 and application virtualization, driving a critical need to automate the entire process across hundreds or thousands of applications. We are the only vendor to deliver a full lifecycle application readiness solution to meet these business needs.”

Application and hardware deployment and usage data from Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) can be imported at the identify step to automate the inventory process. The solution also utilizes an application recognition library to determine an application’s producer, title and version. At the end of the process, packaged applications can be seamlessly handed off to SCCM for enterprise deployment.

In addition, Flexera has announced the general availability of InstallShield Limited Edition for Visual Studio 2010 within Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. Through this partnership, Microsoft and Flexera Software are delivering developers a simple, modern experience and a clear and smooth path to advanced software installation capabilities that scale along with their applications.

InstallShield Limited Edition for Visual Studio 2010 is a Visual Studio extension that can be used to build Windows installer-based deployment packages for applications deployed on the Windows platform. The software provides an easy to use, modern, graphical development environment and the ability to build deployment projects using Microsoft's Team Foundation Server.

"Visual Studio customers develop a wide range of applications for consumers, small businesses and the largest enterprises," said Jason Zander, general manager of Visual Studio at Microsoft. "Realizing the value of those applications starts with an error-free installation. Our partnership with Flexera Software ensures that Visual Studio customers have a professional installation software tool for any type of application."

InstallShield Limited Edition for Visual Studio 2010 is available immediately to Visual Studio 2010 customers.

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