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Windows Mobile, Embedded Team Up

If you're like most people, you've been confused from time to time about Microsoft's overlapping branding schemes. Consequently, the company has taken steps to streamline some of its platform offerings and align development efforts. The most recent example of this is the announcement that Windows Embedded CE and Windows Mobile will be merging into a single group with the Windows Mobile 6.5 for ruggedized devices and handheld terminals moving to the Windows Embedded Business unit. According to Microsoft's David Wurster, the Windows Embedded Business group would oversee both Windows Embedded CE and Windows Mobile.

According to Wurster, the Windows Embedded group will continue its focus on handheld-terminal and ruggedized-device customers, while Mobile will deal with the mobile-phone industry.

"We decided to make this move for a variety of reasons," explained Wurster. "First, Windows Embedded's strength and experience in building software for specialized devices make WEB the ideal group to lead the handheld terminal and ruggedized device space. Second, with the transition of support to WEB, Microsoft gives the handheld terminal and ruggedized device products a holistic roadmap across both platforms and into the future. MCB will continue to focus on the mobile phone needs of customers with Windows Phones."

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