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WPF, Silverlight Controls Updated

DevExpress.com has updated its WPF Pivot Table and Grid Control. New features of the DevExpress Pivot Grid include:

  • Three New Microsoft Office Style Visual Themes. Newly supported styles include Office 2007 Blue, Black and Silver.
  • Integration with DevExpress Charting for WPF. The bound chart control automatically visualizes the pivot grid's current selection.
  • Built-in Pre Filter Dialog. Much like the DXGrid for WPF, our Pivot Table control allows you or end-users to build filter criteria of any complexity using an intuitive Filter Editor dialog.
  • Microsoft Excel 2007 Style Customization Form. End-users can now alter their reports by dragging fields within the customization form.
  • Cell Selection and Clipboard Support. End-users can now select multiple cell blocks and copy selection into the Clipboard.
  • Multiple Totals per Group. For each grouping field, you can define a collection of totals to be displayed -- each total calculating its own aggregate function.
  • Field Grouping and Custom Field Grouping. Join related fields into groups so that end-users can hide or move multiple fields with a single drag-and-drop operation. Hiding individual fields within a group is also made easy with the help of expand/collapse buttons.
  • Custom Summaries. You are no longer limited to a set of predefined aggregate functions used for totals calculation.
  • Unbound Columns. You can now create unbound fields and populate them with data as your needs dictate.
  • Saving and Restoring Layout. With this feature, you can provide layout persistence between application runs or allow end-users to select one of predefined layouts.
  • Sorting Columns and Rows by Corresponding Summary Values. End-users can now easily sort row or column values by corresponding cell values.

This new control is available as part of DXperience v2010 vol 1.

In a related announcement, DevExpress.com also announced an update to its Silverlight Rich Text Editor (RTF) Control, which is shipped as part of the company's DXperience control suite. The DevExpress Rich Edit Control allows software developers to incorporate Microsoft Word-like WYSIWYG word processing functionality into Silverlight-based applications.

New features in this release of the DevExpress Silverlight RTF Control include:

  • Table Support
  • Rich Text Header and Footer Support. DevExpress Rich Text Editor controls fully support Header and Footer section editing. You can provide common headers and footers for all pages within a document or you can specify different content for odd/even pages and change the first page's header and footer individually.
  • Regular Expressions for RTF Find and Replace Operations. The DevExpress Rich Text Editor control allows you to use Regular Expressions when searching for text. This feature is similar to Word's Use Wildcards search option.
  • Native Silverlight Printing Support. The DevExpress Rich Text Editor control now takes full advantage of the Printing features introduced in Silverlight 4.
  • Miscellaneous Enhancements. let you copy/paste formatted text from the DevExpress Rich Editor to a standard Silverlight control, and vice versa, and the Context menu is now invoked with a right-click, as opposed to the CTRL+Click combination used in previous versions.

You can download a free evaluation copy of Dxperience here.

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