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XebiaLabs Deployit Deploys .NET IT

Continuous delivery automation company has announced version 3.9 of its Deployit release automation software. The product now ships with support for additional middleware stacks and automates the self-service creation of on-demand cloud environments with a single click.

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The push to accelerating development and testing here goes in line with the pursuit of freeing up operations resources.

Along with the self-service cloud pack, Deployit is engineered for continuous delivery of .NET along with a Plan Analyzer for "expert mode" operations control. Deployit 3.9 also adds native Microsoft Team Foundation Server integration and new additions to the Windows, IIS, and BizTalk content packs.

For advanced users, the Plan Analyzer gives step-by-step clarity in the application release process with visibility and full control over the deployment plan generation process and provides a "dry run" of the actual deployment commands for power users.

"The newest release of Deployit is the next major step in achieving our vision of creating the premier enterprise Continuous Delivery Platform on the market today," said XebiaLabs CEO Coert Baart. "XebiaLabs is focused on helping customers solve today's application release challenges and accelerate feature delivery time to market."

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