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Belorussian Bravado Over iOS 4.2 Beta

Offshore mobile application development company EffectiveSoft is aiming to aiming to break new ground in application development for the recently announced Apple iOS 4.2 beta. This custom software development and testing company based in the Eastern European nation of Belarus claims it will cut a swathe through the global app market with an assured approach.

Now before the official release of Apple's iOS 4.2, EffectiveSoft says its development experts have "mastered the beta version of the platform" and thats its new predominately iPhone-based apps will be built with an emphasis on bug-free quality assurance.

The company says that using the beta version of iOS 4.2, its programmers will be rolling out new profitable and robust software taking advantage of the operating system's new features including multitasking, air print functions, and folders.

Despite its self-assured bravado, to its credit the company does already enjoy a presence on the iTunes store with its East Indian Tycoon game. EffectiveSoft also aims to produce software for the business and financial markets as well as social networking apps and navigation/traveling apps.

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