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Borland Updates Functional, Performance, Test Tools

Borland Software has announced Silk 2009, a set of tools designed to support the testing needs of both Agile and traditional development teams by simplifying testing activities, increasing the speed of test execution, and integrating with a customer's existing test tools and frameworks to provide a consolidated view of quality across the software delivery lifecycle.

"During our own Agile transformation, we struggled to adapt our QA practices. We not only wrestled with the cultural implications, but our teams found that our own tools didn't support the new paradigm very well," said David Wilby, Borland's senior vice president of products. "As a result, we've made significant changes to our Silk line to better address the needs of all enterprises -- including those moving towards more Agile methods."

Silk 2009 includes functionality that makes it easy for both developers and testers to create and automate tests, minimizing the dependency on specialist skills while making testing a more scalable and efficient process. Further, Silk 2009 includes unique advancements for tests that run significantly faster than competitive products and are easy-to-maintain even in rapidly changing agile environments. The toolset includes:

  • SilkTest which, with Silk4J (Borland's functional and regression testing product), lets developers create and automate robust functional and regression tests in pure Java within the Eclipse IDE. It also allows testers to use record-and-play functionality to create tests in pure Java. In addition, new advanced dynamic object recognition and synchronization features significantly speed testing to enable teams to test functionality in rapid iterations even in the constantly changing conditions that are common in Agile development. SilkTest's dynamic object recognition eliminates test-rework when code is changed or refactored -- no matter how many times the UI changes, the tests still work. Advanced synchronization capabilities eliminate the need to modify test scripts to include wait times, providing advanced automation for testing today's dynamic Web applications. Finally, SilkTest includes cross-browser support that enables teams to record tests in one browser and then run them in any.
  • SilkPerformer simplifies the process of managing testing environments, enabling fluid allocation of test resources, and speeding the creation of performance and load tests. With Load Test Resource Management, teams can control and provision test environments from anywhere, enabling more and larger load tests that require significantly less hardware, and have the ability to test performance and load with each iteration (even those that do not include UI). Seamless integration with SilkCentral Test Manager for Performance Trend Reports provides Agile teams the fast feedback they need, reporting the results of performance and load tests in real-time to enable teams to identify any potential issues. Finally, SilkPerformer's Eclipse and Visual Studio plug-ins let developers create performance tests within their IDE, and SilkPerformer can repurpose functional tests from SilkTest and unit tests from JUnit and NUnit to be used as performance tests.
  • SilkCentral Test Manager is a unified framework for managing quality and testing activities across all projects. It integrates with an organization's existing unit, functional and performance testing tools and frameworks (commercial and open source), and aggregates results into a quality dashboard for a consolidated view of progress, metrics and trends across all projects. SilkCentral Test Manager ships with more than 25 integrations to commercial and open source requirements management, source code control and testing tools, including JUnit, NUnit, FitNesse, and Watir. SilkCentral Test Manager supports the QA needs of both Agile and traditional projects, and the 2009 version includes an Agile test management template that integrates easily with Agile project management tools for lightweight Agile test management that is optimized for Agile workflow. The new release also includes bi-directional integration with VersionOne, a leading project management tool for Agile development. Finally, SilkCentral Test Manager's Hybrid Test Definitions enable seamless transformation of manual tests into automated tests -- and back again -- maintaining all test results and historical data.

To help customers transform their QA organizations, Borland has developed an Agile testing services offering. Based on its own transformation and experience helping thousands of customers improve software delivery, Borland offers a pragmatic approach to Agile adoption, which begins by evaluating a customer's existing tools and practices through an Agile Testing Assessment. Then, Borland's Agile Testing Process Framework outlines a path for improvement, providing guidance on best practices and outlining steps to achieving Agile testing success using Silk products.

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