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Compuware Gomez: A Deeper Dive For APM?

Compuware has announced a new release of its Gomez integrated application performance management (APM) solution. With eight new functions across its SaaS and on-premise APM products, this latest release aims to provide mobile and streaming media performance monitoring and testing; deeper collaboration with Google with Google Mobile Page Speed integration; end-user experience performance analytics; and application visibility and diagnostics via integration with dynaTrace.

The company says it is aiming to address the issue of increasing business-critical application complexity, pointing out that mobility, cloud, virtualization, web 2.0 technologies, service-oriented architectures, and browser diversity have all made achieving performance, availability, and end-user experience goals a challenge.

Gomez aims to answer these issues by expanding performance visibility and deep-dive analytics across the application delivery chain. With an attack strategy that encompasses problems that originate inside or outside the data center, the concept is fixing web, non-web, mobile, streaming, and cloud applications quickly before the end-user is impacted.

"Businesses today depend on high-performing applications to drive revenues, customer satisfaction, and brand equity, so the need to optimize application performance is greater than ever," said Bruce Reading, senior VP and GM of Compuware's APM business unit. "In this new release, we continue to meet this demand by providing our customers with unbeatable insight into application performance across the entire application delivery chain."

New features include Gomez mobile Real-User Monitoring (RUM) Conversion Analytics, a technology designed to understand the relationship between performance and customer conversions for native mobile applications. Now Gomez users can gain insight into how phone characteristics such as signal strength, memory, and battery charge impact mobile native application response time.

There is also integration with Google Mobile Page Speed. The Gomez Mobile Readiness scorecard now includes scores and recommendations for performance improvements from Google Mobile Page Speed. This allows developers to assess and optimize the performance of their mobile applications.

Finally (although there are eight new functions in total), Gomez synthetic monitoring has been expanded by integrating it with dynaTrace's PurePath Technology — a move taken to accelerate problem root cause analysis. This couples Gomez's synthetic monitoring platform with dynaTrace's application visibility and diagnostics.

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