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Installing and Using Skippy

October 26, 2008

 With Skippy, it's YOU, not your PC, who sets your schedule!

Before installing, check the SkippyBox for damage suffered in transit. Ensure that your PC displays the correct date and time, and do please remember that British Summer Time ended last Sunday. Then simply power up the SkippyBox and plug into any USB port. Insert the enclosed CD into your drive, wait until the Skippy Setup Screen pops up, click "Go", and follow the Install Wizard's instructions.

During the final stage of installation, the Install Wizard will pop up a Program Association Menu showing a list of the programs currently installed on your PC. Simply click the checkbox beside each program that you wish to Skippy-enable. You can revise your associations at any time.

And that is all! From now on, whenever you start any Skippy-enabled program, the SkippyBox will project itself into the future at the rate of one day per second and monitor your PC, scanning for the time at which the program will have finished running. It will then return to now, and project YOU into the future to EXACTLY the same instant. No more waiting for indolent Internet connections, listless LISP compilers, or dilatory disk transfers — your programs will run in the blink of an eye!


Skippy Version 2.21, with auto-Skippy-enable for all Windows commands.
Time travel. Less trouble than code optimisation.

Note 1: Skippy® and SkippyBox® are registered trademarks of Quantum ChronoDynamics plc. ®® is a registered trademark of the British Trademark Office.

Note 2: Do NOT interrupt power while the SkippyBox is performing a program-termination search scan. We do not refund the cost of SkippyBoxes stuck in the future.

Note 3: If you use Skippy frequently, we recommend checking that your roof is free from damage such as loose slates, that your burglar alarms are working, and that your fridge is either empty or ensured of an uninterrupted power supply. This is particularly important when using older PCs or recent releases of certain operating systems.

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