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JReport 11: Data Visualization Just Got Slicker

Jinfonet's Java reporting solutions family tree has this week welcomed JReport 11 as a new release with expanded data visualization functions to sit alongside a dashboard system and a new mobile option to connect to iOS devices. With more than 40 chart types and styles, the product now sports "live charting" functions that include motion, real-time, and scrollable charts.

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NOTE: "Motion charts" is a graphical approach that allows users to dynamically view data trends by auto-playing chart parameters so that, for example, developers can put a chart in motion to show month-by-month changes over the course of a year; "real-time charts" enables a web services data feed to be displayed and refreshed automatically so that it can be used for monitoring applications, including system performance or real time applications; and "scrollable charts" let users easily zoom in and out on the chart axis for inspection of details.

The newly polished JDashboard is a drag-and-drop affair built for end users to mash up dashboard components accessing different data sources or any JReport component. Existing reports and their components can be added directly to JDashboard in a tab or as dashboard components. Users can also add third-party components like Google Maps or any other web page for integration with external information.

JReport 11 introduces mobile visualization so that users can view dashboards directly on their iOS devices.

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