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Just In Case You Missed It...

July 22, 2008

With all the articles, blogs, videos, papers, and whatever (I mostly create "whatever") available online, it is easy to overlook something good and/or important and/or worth your while. I like to think that everything on Dr. Dobb's is worth your while, but finding it is a whole 'nother thing. Here are a few items you might have missed over the past week or so.

  • Audio Applications and Effects Made Easy . In this article, Craig Lindley examines SynthMaker, a tool that lets you prototype audio effects or build complete software synthesizers graphically. Very cool.
  • Distributed Software Development Explained . This article by Pablo Santos started out as a blog, but ended up as a detailed and clear explanation of what distributed software development is all about. The gotcha's, the winners.
  • Computer Programming and Precise Terminology . What Jack Purdum, who teaches computer science at Purdue University, has learned over the years is that teaching a new programming language is difficult enough without confusing the very concepts we are trying to teach. So say what you mean -- clearly.
  • Power.org and the Power Architecture . Power is a widely implemented multi-core architecture used in everything from game consoles to automotive systems. In this interveiw, we talk with Ray Bryant, chairman of Power.org  -- an organization that develops and supports Power Architecture technology as an open standard hardware development platform.
  • Digitally Signing and Verifying Messages in Web Services . Oracle's Web Services Manager is a tool that lets you centrally manage security policies -- including digital signature generation.
  • Voice Recording Meets Open Source . In this audio podcast, Dr. Dobb's contributing editor talks with Bruce Kaskey, cofounder of OrecX, about the Oreka open source project and why it's an important contribution to the open source community.


Note that this last reference is a podcast, which leads me to ask about what you think about podcasts. Do you ever listen to them? Like them? Prefer them to, say, a text transcript of the interview? To answer these questions, I've set up a little survey entitled "Podcasts: What Do You Think?" over in the right-hand column (and scroll down just a bit) of this page. If you wouldn't mind taking about 5 seconds to share your throughts, I'd appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

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