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MonkeyLearn Artificial Intelligence For Text-Mining

Artificial Intelligence company MonkeyLearn has created a customizable AI platform for text mining. The firm's technology allows developers to easily extract and classify information (from text) for their specific needs and integrate the technology into their own platforms, applications, and websites.

Currently in beta and available on a freemium basis, MonkeyLearn's algorithm creation engine is hoped to allow developers to incorporate text mining capabilities into their own platforms, applications, and websites, regardless of their experience with AI technologies.

Artificial intelligence technologies for text mining have become a priority (so says MonkeyLearn) for Internet and technology companies, as they allow them to understand users' interests and provide similar or relevant recommendations.

Many popular consumer services today feature these capabilities, such as Google's search engine, or movie and song recommendations featured by Netflix and Spotify, respectively. However, incorporating the technology has historically been very complex, requiring an outsourced AI technology expert that most startups or SMEs do not have the resources to hire.

"The founders of artificial intelligence company, Tryolabs, recognized this need and created MonkeyLearn to solve it. Similar to how WordPress enabled someone without design or programming skills to create a website or blog within minutes, MonkeyLearn makes it easy for any developer to incorporate and use AI technology with just a few of lines of code," said the company.

Examples here include: ecommerce companies profiling users according to which products they buy (or are likely to by), thereby improving user experience and ultimately boosting sales; and sales and customer support centers automatically sorting emails by language.

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