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Rally Launches ALM In the Cloud

Rally Software has announced the third generation of its Agile ALM solution featuring the first ALM data warehouse in the cloud. Rally's ALM data warehouse will eliminate the problem of "canned" reports that fail to answer the tough project questions development teams face every day by providing almost limitless options for custom reporting.

Rally's ALM data warehouse lets organizations build the custom roll-up and drill-down reports needed to deploy resources. Rally's analytical database is updated in near-real-time and, because it's SaaS, it requires zero customer infrastructure or costs to use.

"Executives need to know which big features to invest in, when they will be delivered and how projects are tracking to budget," said Rally's Zach Nies. "At the same time, development teams have to make hundreds of decisions for every release. Rally's ALM data warehouse will provide decision support tools to instantly view status across distributed teams, analyze the root cause of problems, and better forecast feature delivery."

In addition, Rally's customizable UI includes social media tools intended to improve collaboration among distributed teams. It also incorporates role-based dashboards to filter data throughout the development lifecycle to only what each role needs be a productive team member.

New features in Rally Release 2009.4 and upcoming Q4 2009 releases include:

  • Report Designer. Users can create custom reports tailored to their unique processes and use them to explore the root cause of problems and better forecast feature delivery.
  • Role-based Dashboards for Contributors, Managers, and Executives make it easy to learn and use Agile processes and the Rally tool.
  • Recent Activity Stream uses social media-style collaboration tools to surface the project activity that team members care about. Users can easily contribute to team discussions without leaving the application.
  • Time Tracking lets developers enter their time at several possible levels of granularity, including projects and tasks, without needing to go to another timesheet or application.
  • Kanban Mashup gives teams the option of managing pull-based, Lean software development projects alongside other iterative and time-boxed projects.

New features are available to customers either directly through the application, or by signing up for a beta program in Rally's online community, Agile Commons. The Kanban mashup is currently in development and is anticipated to be released later this year. Rally's Agile ALM solutions are available in two editions -- Rally Community Edition and Rally Enterprise.

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