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RealPlayer for Mobile Internet Devices Announced

RealNetworks has announced its RealPlayer for MID for Intel architecture-based Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs). RealPlayer for MID is designed to deliver digital media on Intel architecture-based MIDs using Moblin-compliant Linux.

Real claims that the RealPlayer for MID is the first media player on this platform that, out of the box, is enabled to decode most popular and standard media formats (RealMedia, Windows Media, MP3, MPEG4, H.264, AAC, AAC+, VC-1 and Ogg). Real developed this technology in the Helix Community where source code is available to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who distribute the product.

"Mobile Internet Devices is an emerging growth category and will enable users to enjoy the best Internet experience in pocketable devices," said Shane Wall, vice president of Intel's Mobility Group and director of strategy and planning for the Ultra Mobility Group. "Our collaboration with Real to deliver an integrated solution encompassing a range of technology elements such as the Moblin-compliant Media Framework, Player, and Codecs will make it easier for our customers to deliver faster solutions to market."

A primary feature of the new RealPlayer for MID is a simplified business model that covers licensing, royalties and reports. In addition, the application delivers bundled codecs and the ability to play browser content or use the application as a stand-alone media player, while preserving battery life with codec implementations optimized for MIDs based on Intel Centrino Atom processor technology. Further, the solution integrates easily and runs on Moblin-compliant operating systems.

"With the new RealPlayer for MID, OEMs using the Intel MID platform can license a single media player application from Real. This will save time and resources, alleviating the need to build an entire media stack in-house and license multiple decoders individually from patent holders," commented Jack Klingert, vice president of intellectual property licensing, RealNetworks. "Real also plans to develop upcoming versions that will provide an open application programming interface and enable premium content services."

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