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Rod Henderson, DreamWorks Animation, on Parallelism

November 15, 2009

Another talk coming up - on my favorite subject...
It will be live November 17 (with an opportunity to ask questions), and available "on demand" afterwards... "Real World Parallelism" talk series.
Visual Effects for Animation - presented by DreamWorks Animation
In this webinar, Ron Henderson will show examples of visual effects, from hair and feathers to smoke and fire, from a variety of DreamWorks Animation feature films. He will discuss in general terms the kinds of techniques used to achieve particular visual effects. Finally, Henderson will show a detailed breakdown of the dam-breaking scene from Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, demonstrating how different elements of key frame animation, simulation, and rendering are combined in a real production shot.
Speaker: Ron Henderson, DreamWorks Animation
Ron Henderson manages the FX Tools group at DreamWorks Animation, where he is responsible for developing physical simulation and procedural modeling tools. These systems have been used for key visual effects in recent films such as Kung Fu Panda and Monsters vs. Aliens (March 2009).

Prior to joining DreamWorks in 2002, he was a senior scientist at Caltech with a joint appointment to the Applied Math and Aeronautics departments, where he worked on efficient techniques for the direct numerical simulation of fluid turbulence.

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