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Savi Technologies Opens Its Tools To Developers

Savi Technology, a Lockheed Martin company, has announced that for the first time in its two decades of business it is opening up its suite of RFID hardware and supply chain software tools to developers who want to leverage them for their own applications.

With the Savi Developer Program, developers can gain online access to component technologies and tools, including:

  • Web Services API which utilizes Savi's portfolio of supply chain software web services to build web-hosted software products.
  • Adaptive Applications, which leverage the functionality of Savi SmartChain software applications to develop asset management and supply chain management solutions.
  • RFID Hardware Components, which enable developers to embed DASH-7 (ISO-18000-7) products into their own hardware and software products.

Online orders include access to the Savi Developer forum, hardware and software development tools, software source code, protocols for technical interfaces and OEM components for Savi's RFID readers and tags.

"This is a milestone event for Savi Technology and the industry because it helps to rapidly extend proven real-time solutions into existing and completely new supply chain, manufacturing or consumer goods markets," said Savi's David Stephens.

Tools available under Savi's program are composed of hardware and software. The hardware, which operates on the 433.92 MHz frequency, has proven to be a low-power technology with long data transmission ranges that perform in all kinds of harsh or heavy metal environments, and forms the backbone of the U.S. Department of Defense's In-Transit Visibility network -- the world's largest RFID cargo tracking system. Savi SmartChain software transforms automated data into actionable information to monitor the location, security and condition of assets while in-transit or on-site.

Savi Web Services are state-of-the art Web Services for developers who want to build Web Applications with Item Unique Identification IUID and Supply Chain Management capabilities. Savi SmartChain Adaptive Applications gives developers the framework to adapt software applications to their specific market needs. The Savi OEM Reader board allows users to build active RFID read capabilities into their own RFID products. The reader boards support both ANSI 256 and ISO 18000-7 (DASH7) standards, the latter of which the company helped to define. The Savi OEM Tag Module gives developers all the core components for an RFID tag, and enables tag-to-tag communications with GPS, Satellite Communications and other Automatic Identification and Data Collection devices.


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