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TechExcel DevSuite 9.3 ALM

TechExcel Inc. has announced its DevSuite 9.3 ALM software. Requirements, quality controls, and Agile management features are all now included along with usability enhancements and performance improvements.

DevSuite consists of DevSpec, DevTrack, DevTest, and KnowledgeWise, TechExcel's solution-wide repository for collaboration, information sharing, knowledge management, and process/work item tracking.

Available in hosted or on-premise deployment models, DevSuite is offered as an integrated suite or as individual components.

A new definable GUI (Graphic User Interface) is intended to enable "customization based on project complexity" and, so, deliver to the needs of cross-functional teams.

Users can design custom workflows and rules; add custom fields and field values; create personal workspaces with defined access control; and set color codes for different line items.

"DevSuite 9.3 now supports work assignments directly from requirements or the product backlog and the ability to prioritize tasks. Users can also easily establish dependencies amongst tasks, stories, sprints, milestones, and releases. Development teams can also view product roadmaps to plan release cycles and assign resources," said Dr. Tieren Zhou, TechExcel founder and chief software architect.

There is expanded support for third-party integrations using RESTFul API's. Plus, DevSuite 9.3 also includes two-way integration with MS Word. Users can use MS Word's editing capabilities along with DevSuite's requirements management functions for verification and validation for all requirements in MS Word documents.

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