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Aha! Launches Roadmapping With Extra Mojo

Cloud-based engineering software company Aha! has launched a new roadmapping tool to help product strategy teams build visual roadmaps and articulate product features. The company aims to combat software sins such as “squishy communication” by providing a tool to explain product vision and detail requirements so engineering knows what to build next.

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Its makers say that Aha! enables product managers to set their product vision based upon a mix of the market and customer insights. It encourages users to map key strategic imperatives to releases and features in order to ensure that business objectives will be met.

Aha! also combines technologies to capture and visualize all of the ideas relating to what features should be added to the product. This ensures product development team members can work together to prioritize key features in their sprints and releases.

"If you have tried to build a minimum viable product and ended up with unsatisfactory software that customers don't want, it might be time for an Aha! moment," said Aha! cofounder and CEO, Brian de Haaff. "If you still use Microsoft Word, Excel, PPT, wikis, and napkins to share ideas and lead product; you know there must be a better way. We built Aha! for you and it's time to lead your product with conviction. Take a radical new approach to product strategy and roadmapping, because your company needs it and you deserve to enjoy what you do."

This tool includes a bidirectional API with connectors to bug tracking and revision control systems. As an example, the API allows product managers to push completed features and requirements directly into Jira and avoid double data entry.

It also automatically updates features and requirements back in Aha! as text or status changes are made in Jira. The integration works with both hosted and on-premise versions of Jira.

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