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APMaaS Is APM-as-a-Service In CA's World

With its CA World event just a few days away, CA Technologies has detailed software engineering advancements that resulted in a new SaaS-based Application Performance Management (APM) solution.

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This APM-as-a-Service (APMaaS) offering will be capable of shouldering the transactional processing challenge of coping with billions of events across data centers as well as across public, private, and hybrid clouds.

This is essentially a multi-tenant highly scalable set of services and is described as full featured enough to be capable of proactively monitoring the transactions of all users in a defined network or space. CA says that this is deep application diagnostics in a 24x7 delivery environment.

CA further asserts that its APMaaS technologies are capable of proactively identifying, diagnosing, and resolving performance problems before they affect end users and disrupt revenue-generating services.

The firm points out that its APMaaS solution will proatively monitor components of web applications, websites, and cloud services including components delivered by third parties. It will also achieve visibility not just to understand but optimize the end user experience.

The CA product management team noted that this software will employ on-demand dashboards, public status pages, and reports. "[CA APMaaS] tracks and optimizes critical API integration points and reliability, whether your organization provides APIs to third parties, or relies on other organizations' APIs to view existing CA APM solution results augmented with essential synthetic performance metrics for integrated performance views from inside and outside the firewall."

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