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CA Extends API Management Breadth

CA Technologies has used its CA World conference and exhibition to announce its acquisition of API management and security company Layer 7 Technologies.

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NOTE: Layer 7 is known for its backend data and application integration technology that comes packaged with developer management tools, which encompass the areas of mobile optimization, cloud orchestration, and developer management. The firm is also singled out for its application adaptation and interface management, along with its SOA connectivity functionality. Developers will typically use these aforementioned tools and also look to its analytics software designed to help control API usage.

The acquisition of Layer 7 will enable CA Technologies to complement its current Identity and Access Management suite, including CA SiteMinder, and its technologies focused on DevOps including the CA LISA suite.

"The addition of Layer 7 and the synergy across our technologies will improve how we securely support organizations in their cloud, mobile, and 'Internet of things' initiatives," said Mike Denning, security general manager, CA Technologies. "[Developers need to program for the fact that] there are billions of API calls a day — and that number is going to increase with the proliferation of smart devices, ranging from vehicles, meters, TVs, and so on, as they start interacting over APIs. Without API security and management, thousands of business services are vulnerable to disruption."

With this news now public, CA points to developers and IT architects who will be able to use the newly packaged offerings to streamline and accelerate the development of new business services.

This news will (in theory) help expand the global network of API developers by offering an API development platform that provides all the tools necessary to discover, publish, and test APIs. It will also help govern API activity in order to enforce SLAs, improve operational performance, and monetize big data transactions.

"The API-driven economy has exploded, driven by today's cloud, mobile, and complex composite applications for business services," said Paul Rochester, CEO, Layer 7. "With more than 8,000 public APIs available at the end of 2012, there is a vast library of proprietary components and data exposed to the external world that need to be managed and secured from unauthorized access. API applications and services are no longer a trend, they are mainstream. The combination of CA Technologies and Layer 7 is the best option for enterprises to successfully and securely leverage all the business benefits APIs can offer."

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