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CloudBees Jenkins Now On Pivotal

Enterprise Jenkins company CloudBees is now partnering with Pivotal on the development of a continuous integration and delivery solutions for the Pivotal CF PaaS, which is based on Cloud Foundry.

Pivotal users will now get continuous integration and continuous delivery software as an add-on service for Pivotal CF.

At the same time, CloudBees plans to focus exclusively on the Jenkins market and ecosystem. Open source Jenkins is experiencing significant growth in business activity driven by increased enterprise adoption of Jenkins for continuous integration and continuous delivery. To accommodate the strategic shift, CloudBees will discontinue its runtime PaaS, [email protected], and will help existing RUN customers migrate their applications to other platforms.

Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees provides additional capabilities beyond those offered within the open source version of Jenkins CI (continuous integration) server. The "value-add" here includes technical support and a set of enterprise plugins for Jenkins.

"Our Jenkins business is experiencing dramatic growth, and we are refocusing our company to take advantage of this great opportunity," said Sacha Labourey, CEO and founder of CloudBees. "Pairing Jenkins Enterprise with Pivotal CF gives Pivotal customers support for the full application lifecycle — covering all stages from development, testing, staging, deployment, and into production."

"Building software frequently and reliably and testing the fitness of every build is the foundation for modern software engineering practices," wrote Kurt Bittner, principal analyst, and Glenn O'Donnell, VP, research director in a Forrester Research report. "The more you automate, the faster you will be able to go, the more reliable your software will be, and the lower your total costs will be." The report also states that Jenkins is one of the popular open source CI tools available along with other commercial offerings.

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