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CloudBees Pollinates HP Cloud Services

The CloudBees Java PaaS is now available on HP Cloud Services. With this announcement, Agile development shops are encouraged to consider the CloudBees-hosted Jenkins continuous integration service to drive applications through a "continuous delivery" channel to the point at which they are staged/hosted on HP's public cloud.

CloudBees has promised end-to-end application development services — from build and test, to the deploy and manage stages of application delivery — plus options to utilize the integrated services available from the company's own partner ecosystem.

"CloudBees AnyCloud offers a very different approach for deployment, managing the PaaS software stack remotely across environments. This approach eliminates the burden faced by data center operators in installing, updating, and maintaining a complex stack of middleware," said Sacha Labourey, CEO, CloudBees.

AnyCloud is positioned as a flexible route to application deployment. In addition to the HP Cloud Services offering, additional AnyCloud deployment options include Amazon Web Services (AWS), third-party hosters such as OVH, and on-premise enterprise data centers.

"If you are not consuming a service, you are not really simplifying your operations and reducing costs and, therefore, not taking advantage of the full benefit offered by the cloud. Our partnership with HP addresses just that — giving PaaS users the freedom of deployment choice, including on-premise, while still benefiting from a true service offering," added Labourey.

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