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CloudMunch Continuously Delivering DevOps In The Cloud

The term DevOps is popularly agreed to have been first coined to denote a series of tech events in the diminutive European nation of Belgium. Today we understand this coming together of both the developer and operations disciplines as a more or less formally defined part of the technology firmament.

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It is no surprise then to find that DevOps has moved to cloud-based software application development environments; i.e., CloudMunch has announced the availability of the CloudMunch DevOps Platform.

NOTE: CloudMunch is far from first-to-market in this sector with IBM, Serena, Joyent, ElectricCloud, and others also offering cloud-based DevOps software.

CloudMunch's full-stack continuous delivery platform makes it easy for developers to manage applications and infrastructure on their way to the cloud. The software has Jenkins, Github, and Opscode Chef integrations with a channel to CloudMunch's GitHub-to-Cloud and Opscode Chef for continuous delivery.

NOTE: CloudMunch says its software stands "uniquely" as the first DevOps platform to bring continuous integration, continuous delivery, and advanced DevOps management features to a single SaaS application.

"With the accelerating adoption of cloud-based platform services for development, continuous delivery of both application and infrastructure is an area ripe for innovation," says Krishnan Subramanian, principal analyst at Rishidot Research and founder of the DeployCon Conference.

"CloudMunch simplifies continuous delivery for distributed DevOps teams. By combining application automation tools with Chef's infrastructure automation capabilities, CloudMunch is giving developers the benefits of full-stack continuous delivery in a single SaaS platform," said Bryan Hale, vice president, Opscode. "CloudMunch's integration with Chef gives the Chef community a great option for automating build, test, and deploy processes in the cloud."

The developer benefits of using CloudMunch include the option to tap into the full capabilities of the CloudMunch DevOps Dashboard. Its collaboration features are desigened to facilitate discussion across development QA and Ops teams, while in-context real time analytics deliver build metrics and real-time infrastructure monitoring via AWS Cloudwatch and Nagios. It is also plug and play with a range of open source and industry standard tools.

CloudMunch Continuously Delivering DevOps In The Cloud

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