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Developing The Ruby PHP Node.js Cloud

The cloud PaaS market expands with the arrival of PHP on Engine Yard Cloud. Pledging a commitment to cloud-focused software application developers and DevOps practitioners, Engine Yard has also introduced support for Riak.

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NOTE: Riak is the distributed, highly available database from Basho. Riak uses a simple key/value model for object storage. Objects in Riak consist of a unique key and a value, stored in a flat namespace called a bucket. You can store anything you want in Riak: text, images, JSON/XML/HTML documents, user and session data, backups, log files, and more.

The Engine Yard Cloud software itself works to automate the configuration, deployment, and ongoing maintenance of an application platform in the cloud. The pledge to developers is the ability to focus on creating cloud applications without getting distracted by operations, servers, or other infrastructure.

"PHP has been a key part of our vision for a flexible application cloud," said Bill Platt, senior vice president of operations at Engine Yard.

As a "highly configurable" PaaS, Engine Yard says that its new offering gives PHP developers a wider range of instance sizes, a fully curated PHP stack, as well as automation and orchestration features such as database replication and failover.

"Whether deploying a simple Wordpress blog or an advanced MySQL-backed web application, developers get a range of control over configuration, deployment, and management of their application environments, including full root access on virtual servers and the flexibility of using custom Chef recipes to control and automate entire environments, regardless of size," said Platt.

Riak clusters are masterless, so they have no single point of failure, making them "ideal" for applications that require high availability. Riak can be used to store session data, ranking data, large quantities of rich media or unstructured data, as well as for managing user data for social and gaming networks.

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