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Electric Cloud Shows Developer Love on Valentine's Day

Sunnyvale-based Electric Cloud is trying a little programmer love and philanthropy this season by offering a free one-year subscription to its ElectricAccelerator Developer Edition (EADE). This tool's central developer proposition here is the ability to ensure fast and accurate builds by identifying and monitoring dependencies.

Available for 60 days from Valentine's Day 2012, this tool makes use of a multicore desktop environment to speed build processes by automating the dependency management of software builds. The company has engineered to accommodate what it terms as the enablement of "aggressive and reliable" parallelization across all available cores of the developer's desktop — from 4 all the way up to 64.

"With EADE we're taking our build acceleration technology and democratizing it so any developer can see the benefits using inexpensive and off-the-shelf multicore machines," said Electric Cloud CEO Mike Maciag. "As more developers move to Agile methodologies and, by extension, more frequent iterations, the necessity for a solution like EADE is inarguable."

For the next 60 days, Electric Cloud is offering a free one-year subscription for the four-core version of EADE. This offer includes ElectricInsight, a graphical build analytics tool that provides build visualization and debugging capabilities. "With other solutions you can choose to be fast and dangerous or slow and safe. With EADE, you can be both fast and safe," said David Rosen, product manager of Electric Accelerator.

ElectricAccelerator Developer Edition features include reduced build times — by as much as 70 percent; "actionable visualization" of the build structure for quality; and accurate incremental builds to guarantees correctness, increasing productivity in the daily development cycle.

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