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Electrified DevOps Automation Powers Up

Electric Cloud has announced ElectricFlow, a family of Continuous Delivery applications. Built on its ElectricCommander DevOps process automation layer, this product automates build, test, and deployment activities for mobile, embedded systems, and enterprise web/IT applications.

The dream of "software delivery, repeatable, at scale" is real, says the company who now offers ElectricFlow with a new deployment automation application called Deploy, which automates and standardizes software deployments. It features a model-based approach to define and manage application and environment details.

"We designed ElectricFlow to automate Continuous Delivery from code check-in to production release," said Steve Brodie, CEO of Electric Cloud. "With ElectricFlow Deploy, we make deployment automation push button, easy to use, and predictable."

Brodie goes on to say that Continuous Delivery is the "new Agile" and that we can use this methodology to drives strategic value through more frequent, predictable, and higher quality software releases.

"It directly addresses the reliability and risk issues of releasing software faster within increasingly complex environments, and helps organizations embrace constant change and respond better to business issues by releasing applications quickly," he said.

This is an automation layer for DevOps positioned as something that developers, testers, and IT operations will all use. It is a centralized platform to accelerate code builds, feedback loops, and application delivery, with the visibility and governance needed to manage high-volume and complex development environments. Its built-in inventory management provides a centralized console that allows team members to track artifacts, code changes, and bug fixes across QA, staging, and production.

"For enterprise Agile and DevOps initiatives to deliver strategic value it is imperative that automated Continuous Delivery programs can manage the increasing complexity of modern software delivery," said Rohit Jainendra, chief product officer for Electric Cloud. "Working closely with global customers and partners, we designed ElectricFlow and the Deploy application to bring a unified approach to build, test, and deployment. Having these capabilities within a single solution is an industry breakthrough and a prelude to new innovations being developed here at Electric Cloud."

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