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Heavyweight Mobile Development Creates mBaaS (Mobile Backend-as-a-Service)

Mobile cloud application company FeedHenry has chosen this week to release a Yankee Group whitepaper designed to analyze the growing complexity of mobile apps and discuss how this trend is pushing a drift towards mobile Backend-as-a-Service (mBaas) technologies.

If indeed mBaaS has already become an industry standard acronym, then we should understand this term to refer to the work of software application developers who are looking beyond lightweight applications to building more complex ones requiring greater integration with backend systems.

This focus on the server-side infrastructure (particularly when tools are moving to the cloud) means that we may now see increasing importance put on not only reusable code, but also preconfigured mobile app services and over-the-air updates.

No surprise then that FeedHenry is ready to explain how its mobile application platform has a strong focus on enterprise solutions and complex enterprise app development that integrates with multiple backend systems and cloud services. FeedHenry's use of Node.js is said to enhance server-side efficiency around building and scaling data-intensive real-time applications and enables access to API's to secure connectivity to companies' backend systems.

Citing internal research detailing levels of mobile adoption, Yankee Group analyst Chris Marsh says that with 42 percent of companies looking to mobilize their field and sales processes and 27 percent wanting to mobilize internal business processes, companies that are now looking to more complex use cases for mobile applications to liberate enterprise data face serious challenges.

"The emergence of innovative cloud-based platforms removes many of these barriers, helping business look beyond opportunistic mobile application projects to those providing stronger strategic value across core functions," said Marsh. "As mobile middleware moves to the cloud there is an emerging interest and uptake in mobile Backend-as-a-Service (mBaaS) as a means to easily and tightly connect to a range of different backend systems and services," said Cathal McGloin, CEO, FeedHenry.

"Enterprises require mobile app solutions that recognize the complexity of integrating with the backend while delivering maximum user experience on devices and the flexibility to deploy in public, private, and hybrid clouds. The FeedHenry mobile BaaS leverages technologies that offer leading edge, secure enterprise solutions that, at the same time, reduce development complexity, cost, and time to market," he said.

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