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Is APM-Streaming The Way Forward?

Compuware's APM platform has enjoyed a refresh this month with the introduction of a new generation of updates across its dynaTrace and Gomez product brands. Described somewhat dauntingly as nothing less than "industry-first innovations", it appears that Compuware has managed to address Application Performance Management concerns in mobile, cloud, big data, and APM streaming in one fell swoop.

Marketing-centric adjectives aside, these are tools designed to help developers proactively detect and remediate problems before they impact the business. Inside the new mobile and cloud-centric layers of complexity that applications now naturally exist in (or are migrating towards), one could logically argue that there is an increasing need for "visibility and deep-dive analytics" (as it tends to be called) across the entire application delivery chain.

This, in practice, if used effectively, could help find and fix problems that may occur in the data center, cloud, or the end user's device.

"Compuware User Experience Management (UEM) simplifies performance management at the edge of the Internet, enabling customers to optimize end-user experience and decrease abandonment through: comprehensive UEM and performance analytics for mobile applications and browser applications. Deep transaction visibility with embedded PurePath technology for insight into application execution at the edge for all browsers and device types, including code-level details, incidents, and visit histories," said the company.

Compuware is now offering what it describes as actionable synthetic streaming media capabilities, which (if implemented/leveraged effectively) could result in reduced mean-time-to-resolve (MTTR) and lower performance management costs.

Compuware promises:

  • Single point of instrumentation to deliver network diagnostics in context of application performance.
  • Integrated synthetic monitoring for proactive monitoring of web and non-web applications.
  • Auto-correlated code-level analysis to drill-down to application root cause via fully integrated dynaTrace PurePath analysis.
  • Visibility into both Cassandra NoSQL and Hadoop Map/Reduce Big Data environments.

"The application landscape is changing rapidly with new native mobile applications, an exploding number of cloud services, elastic cloud infrastructures, and a growing business drive to bring more application functionality to market faster. A new generation application management system that goes well beyond traditional data center monitoring is required," said John Van Siclen, GM of Compuware's APM business unit. "Because of its modular design with SaaS and enterprise options, this new platform fits a very wide market from the largest enterprise to SMB/SME customers who until now may have considered APM systems such as this simply out of their reach."

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