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Is Sauce Labs Sauce Team Saucy Enough?

Sauce Team is a new management console from Sauce Labs for monitoring, reporting, and collaboration tasks related to cloud-based mobile and web application testing.

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Sauce Labs confirms that it is now targeting the specific needs of larger, more complex enterprises with its latest tools. As such, the management console provides dashboards and reports that give QA and engineering directors visibility across all development groups and into the status of all of their tests.

The console is also intended to make it easier for cross-functional groups to collaborate and share test results, speeding up the debugging process.

NOTE: More than 50 million tests have run in the Sauce cloud and developers are now running more than six million tests each month with that number steadily rising.

"We're seeing an explosion in the demand for automated testing solutions that can ensure an exceptional end-user experience while also safeguarding web and mobile revenue for the enterprise," said John Dunham, CEO and cofounder of Sauce Labs. "Sauce Team expands the ability of the manager of a testing or development team to manage a larger number of users and tests from a single location, helping organizations function more efficiently and adhere to agile development principles."

The primary features within Sauce Team include enhanced continuous integration compatibility. The company says it has recognized how users have begun to employ continuous integration within Sauce Labs (which integrates with all of the leading CI frameworks), so now Sauce Team gives users access to all testing activities and results for individual builds through detailed videos, snapshots, and reports on test activities to help speed up debugging.

Also featured are cross-team collaboration functions with dashboards that enable users to share testing details within the platform to support collaboration. With messages, users can share videos, screenshots, and test logs with other team members.

Sauce Labs

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