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Microsoft Team Foundation Server Gets Mobile Extension

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The immodestly named Perfecto Mobile has integrated its mobile app testing and quality solution into Microsoft's Team Foundation Server (TFS). The firm is a member of the Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP) program and so has integrated its "MobileCloud for TFS" technology into Microsoft's application lifecycle management tool.

Perfecto Mobile has developed cloud-based software designed to perform cross-platform app testing on "actual" mobile devices. In this case, the actual-factor means multiple devices on multiple carriers and in multiple geographies; i.e., not just on an emulator or VM.

This is intended to integrate both the execution and the reporting / tracking of test results into Team Foundation Server.

Director of the Microsoft Visual Studio industry partner program Tom Lindeman says that with the use of mobile apps and devices growing in business environments, enterprise software developers are looking for end-to-end mobile quality enablement capabilities in their ALM solutions.

Lindeman explains that "MobileCloud for TFS" enables manual and automated testing of mobile applications, and the management of these testing procedures directly from Microsoft TFS.

"This allows users to extend quality-related projects managed in Microsoft TFS into the mobile space including test execution, reporting, tracking, and collaboration," he said.

With MobileCloud for TFS, developers will be able to engage Agile mobile product deployments directly from Team Foundation Server with an efficient continuous integration process. They can manage and track mobile projects globally with a detailed reporting system, plus bridge tools and resources from the mobile space to Microsoft's ALM tools.

"[Developers] are recognizing that the software quality market has rapidly expanded into the mobile space," said Eran Yaniv, founder and CEO of Perfecto Mobile. "This collaboration continues our mission to enable true end-to-end quality of mobile engagement so that our enterprise customers can deploy our mobile products and services with confidence."

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