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Mobile Application Testing Made Easy

Perfecto Mobile MobileCloud Express arrives this month as a new mobile application testing product. The software offers a robust option for centrally managing internal mobile devices and delivering secure access from inside the corporate network.

"This new offering is designed for enterprises that are just getting started, have specialized testing needs, or are looking to test sensor-driven functionality within their apps," said Eran Yaniv, CEO, Perfecto Mobile. "This addition allows us to provide even more cloud-based migration choices for new and existing customers so they can mix and match deployment options depending on their requirements."

Perfecto Mobile's MobileCloud Express "cloud-in-a-box" solution is targeted at teams starting a mobile quality program and, specifically, for those building apps using "advanced features" such as Wi-Fi, or those requiring hands-on testing of onboard or connected device features.

MobileCloud Express is deployable anywhere inside the network and can centrally manage remote devices from its point of residence. It offers structured manual testing on real mobile devices to test on-board mobile features such as camera, GPS, or connected hardware with audio (input and output) support.

"Proven ScriptOnce device-agnostic automation enables comprehensive functional testing on real mobile devices," says the company.

This solution is pre-integrated with leading ALM environments, including HP Unified Functional Test (UFT), Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS), and IBM Rational Quality Manager (RQM).

Also here there is local control, meaning that inside-the-firewall deployment supports LDAP/Active Directory authentication and access control logs. 100 percent secure web interface eliminates drivers or client installation. Developers will find continuous unattended testing to help control the USB connectivity, power cycling, and support for fast device charging to enable true 24X7 operations.

"The growing suite of MobileCloud solutions enable customers to select the most suitable type of cloud deployment based on their scale, maturity phase, control, and coverage requirements. With Mobile Cloud Express, the platform now supports three main deployment modes: Local (MobileCloud Express), Public, and Private clouds," said the company.

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