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NuoDB Releases 1.1 For Microsoft .NET And Azure

NuoDB has extended its Cloud Data Management Systems (CDMS) technology with the Starlings Release 1.1 featuring the option for developers to build .NET applications for on-premise and cloud environments using standard Microsoft tools and frameworks.

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Along with a promise of 33% increase in scale-out performance (and 20% – 50% improvement in heavy workloads), developers are also promised enhanced productivity gains via the integrated DevCenter and NuoDB Console for faster access to relevant technical resources.

Users can use a single database for variable workloads that involves OLTP and real-time operational analytics. With NuoDB, users no longer have to pull data out of their existing OLTP system into a separate database for real-time operational analytics.

Microsoft Enhancements here include 64-bit support for Windows Server, Windows 7 and 8 for high performance; full support for Visual Studio 2012, LINQ, and Entity Framework for a "more integrated" developer experience; .NET driver to avoid the common scalability and performance issues associated with traditional databases; and Azure compatibility for running/deploying NuoDB in the cloud.

"Elastic scaling, high performance, and the need for real-time analytics are challenges customers are dealing with everyday in the datacenter and the cloud, and we have seen a real demand on Microsoft platforms," stated Barry Morris, CEO and Cofounder, NuoDB, Inc. "The NuoDB emergent architecture is the flexible foundation that allows Release 1.1 to offer customers the innovative, practical solutions they need to tackle these areas of concern."

"Over 6,500 customers are taking advantage of our emergent architecture. People need NuoDB as a scalable backend for their web-scale applications, as a replacement for traditional RDBMS systems that have reached their limits, as a database solution when moving into the cloud, and for delivering operational analytics in data-driven business decisions. The Starlings 1.1 release of NuoDB is the next step for NuoDB in our continuous innovation to address these market requirements," added Morris.

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